How many times


"How many times must I call you before you are willing to listen,
lost in your dreams of outer fulfillment
you are blind and deaf to my calls of Love
to come home to ME within,
where all strife ends and where Life is a sweet symphony,
where you breathe Light and move in the ever-present
ocean of Love;

Fulfillment lies within, that truth man has to learn
through countless lives of pain and joy,
triumphs and disasters
ever ending in death,
the re-newer of all Life

Spirit is the undying Reality within
the infinite treasurehouse of peace and splendour,
where Life`s sparkling divinity is dancing
beyond the reaches of death

May this world awake to the hidden Spirit,
the presence of God on the hights of Light
and within the atom,
The all-present, the all-powerful,
The One
whom we bow to,
throughout all eternity
The well of good beyond all earthly good
The well of joy beyond all earthly pleasure

The Sun of the soul
The secret of the universe
reveal to us thy secrets and thy Love
that the race may grow into a race of Light
That divinity may be born on earth sooner than soon
That all ignorance may vanish from the faces of man
to be replaced by divine vision
May the Light Of God gain victory everywhere."