Path of the hero


Man, have you forgotten the power of God,

the thunder of his will,

the glory of Life,

the neverending grace that he gives

always flowing from the peaks of the forever?


Man, why do you crawl like a snake in the dim

regions of the mind, instead of flying high

higher and higher into the blissful worlds

of those who know and see

the splendour of infinity?


Embrace your divinity, release your doubts

and be what a man should be....

a hero of neverending explorations

of aspiration towards the highest,

full of trust and joy and hope.


Such is the spirit of resurrection from the dead,

a rebirth into spiritual greatness,

man, leave the shadow world of in-between,

leave the fears and the dim thoughts

and really - really embrace the infinite light

and the marvelous destiny that God,

the Highest,

has prepared for you!!!!

Arise and walk the path of the hero,

the time has come.


No time to waste, no withholding necessary, no fear required

with the courage of the tiger walk on until the goal is reached

and what remains is service only!!


Frank Huber,  9.11.2021